Questions for Candidates

Questions for Candidates
State Election 2020 - some of the Nicklin Candidates

YADCA has written to the candidates vying for the seat of Nicklin in the state election, seeking their support for infrastructure in Yandina with particular regard to the South West Yandina residential development.

YADCA put two specific questions to the candidates.

  1. If elected will you work with DTMR (Department of Transport and Main Roads) to ensure rural residents who use Creightons Road maintain the same level of access they currently have and need?
  2. Will you seek State Government funding to improve pedestrian and bike links to town and provide the infrastructure and services a growing population needs?

Greens candidate Sue Etheridge replied ‘yes’ to both questions, saying she is very familiar with the area described in South West Yandina.

ALP candidate Robert Skelton replied that he is aware of some of the local residents’ concerns because he has conducted some door knocking on Creightons Road.  He subsequently accepted an invitation from YADCA to view the South West Yandina site and discuss the current development plan.

LNP candidate Marty Hunt said he has met with Sunshine Coast Councillor David Law about local infrastructure needs, and he will continue to meet with him in the future.

 “At this late stage so close to an election with Government in caretaker mode and my position yet to be determined until a few more weeks, I will decide how best to proceed with this (Creightons Road access) after the State Election if I am returned as the Member for Nicklin,” he said.

 He said that he has pledged $50,000 for planning in relation to possible pedestrian access over the James Low Bridge if he retains the seat.

Allona Lahn, the candidate for IMOP (Informed Medical Options Party) said she would love to work alongside YADCA for a better future for all.  “I am very community orientated and have seen development areas without proper roads and planning turn into disaster,” she said. “The way of the future is for community areas including bike, walking paths and community gardens.”

There has been no response from Michael Cardinal of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party; and no letter could be sent to Independent Riccardo Bosi as he had not registered his contact details with the Electoral Commission of Queensland.