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Kaye Deeley, Lawn Espresso

As Yandina celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2020, the most extraordinary chapter of our community’s history is being written daily as we all face the challenges of COVID-19.

YADCA is sharing stories of locals doing their bit to help defeat the global pandemic.

In this, our second story, Lawn Espresso is making the daily coffee run a sweeter experience.

Carry on and have a cupcake

Like so many hospitality businesses, Yandina’s Lawn Espresso was hit hard and fast by the national corona virus lockdown.

Thousands of non-essential businesses stopped trading or drastically reduced customer contact once national social distancing rules came into effect from 23 March.

Lawn Espresso was no exception; and Kaye Deeley saw her custom dwindle alarmingly from that point.

She could have succumbed and just closed up shop.  Instead, she watched and adapted.  “I started observing the behaviour of my customers, and I noticed two things.

“Firstly, they didn’t want to buy some of the foods they had been buying previously.  In particular there was resistance to buying pre-prepared hot food as take away.” Lawn Espresso modified its takeaway menu to focus on popular items such as toasties.

“Secondly, we had to address the new reality that people could no longer come and sit in comfort, have a coffee and a cake, on a plate, and a chat.

“I realised that people were looking for a little pick me up.” Kaye looked around for treats that are visually appealing but also wholesome.  She found a range of healthy cupcakes from Homemade Bliss which feature gluten free and vegan options.

“They are delicious but not full of sugar.  They look divine and they have been hugely successful.

“They fit the bill of having a treat.  We all need that.  It gives people a lift without the guilt.”

Kaye has also adapted to extend her opening hours because a handful of her regulars have changed work hours at the moment.

“They mentioned to me that they were having to start work earlier so I open earlier to cater for them.”  Kaye now opens her doors at 5.30am instead of 6am.

“People tell me getting coffee is their one outing of the day; and it gives them an opportunity to engage in conversation with another adult and feel normal. If you go to the supermarket it’s a quick and quite impersonal experience at the moment, it has to be.

“For a lot of people coffee is the way they start their working day days; and if they are getting their coffee as part of their normal routine, they feel they still have control over that.”

Kaye’s staff of four are as important to her as her customers, and she is proud that she has been able to keep them all.  “It was important to me that my staff were not financially disadvantaged by this lockdown.   I prioritise them and they are getting extra hours where they need it.

“We are doing surprisingly well.  We haven’t dropped trade very much because we have modified our approach and adapted to the changed circumstances.”

Lawn Espresso is open seven days a week from 5.30am to 3pm on weekdays and 7am to 2pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Text and phone orders on 0476076173