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Approved Plan for SW Yandina Decision Notice RAL20-0072

Council has approved a 246 lot subdivision at SW Yandina off Wappa Falls Road. The work will be completed in 7 stages with the Creightons Road / Wappa Falls Road intersection closed after stage 2.

The development application was lodged in June 2020 and initially refused by Council. After the developers withdrew an appeal in the Planning and Environment Court, Council worked with their representative to ensure the plans complied with the Planning Codes.

Lots range in size from 700 sq m to >1000 sq m with 15% designated as dual occupancy.

Pedestrian and bicycle facilities will be provided internally and externally up to the traffic island on Nambour North Connection Road near the Caravan Park and bus stop.

The drainage reserve will be rehabilitated and it and the neighbourhood park transferred to Council.

The eastern end of Bracken Fern Road reserve will be revegetated as will the northern end of Creightons Road once it is closed on completion of Stage 2.

All Creightons Road, Mt Combe Road and Glenrowan Close traffic will have to pass through the subdivision on Road A which will have 4 roundabouts with raised platform zebra crossings on both sides of them. The roundabout design must provide for truck/bus turning and articulated vehicle through movement and turning movement on the Wappa Falls Road roundabout.

Road A will also have a raised medium strip and indented parking areas to ensure vehicles turning into or out of properties do not obstruct the flow of traffic.

Documents can be viewed on Council’s developmenti website. https://developmenti.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au/  Use Application Search: RAL20/0072. List -> Details -> Application Documents -> Action.