You are currently viewing SIDELINES TRAFFIC SURVEY
Many of Yandina's footpaths are grass.

YADCA is delighted that the Sidelines Traffic Survey, commissioned by Council, finally provides a starting point for future planning and hopefully a funding commitment to upgrade Yandina’s footpath network.

As the oldest town in the Shire, many of Yandina’s footpaths are grass. This does not make it easy for pedestrians with prams or mobility devices or parents with children on scooters or bikes. They are forced onto the roads. Distances to school and town are walkable, but footpaths and safe crossings are missing.

The Sidelines Traffic Survey canvassed the Yandina State School community and residents in order to identify need and priority. It makes sense that the results show a desire for the completion of missing links in the older part of town and safe pedestrian crossings particularly on Farrell Street at the northern end near the rail overpass and in town in the vicinity of the Stevens Street intersection.

YADCA has a long history of advocating for pedestrian and road safety in Yandina and will continue to lobby to ensure Yandina’s paths are brought up to standard so residents can walk safely to school and town. It makes sense to provide infrastructure that will encourage a healthy, active lifestyle and get people out of their cars, whenever possible.