Yandina & District Community Association President, Nigel Anns

YADCA is urging Council to reject the proposed service station in Yandina because the applicant has not effectively addressed heritage objections and safety concerns raised by the whole community.

In a letter to Council YADCA President Nigel Anns said the opinions of locals, and their safety, should be taken into account.

“The fact this servo would be next to the 115-year-old Yandina School of Arts building and in the Heritage precinct should matter.

“The two hundred plus residents who have written to the Council opposing this servo should matter.

“The fact that community and business groups in Yandina all agree this is the wrong location for a servo should matter.

“The reality that local businesses must now look for off-site storage solutions because delivery trucks will not be able to get into their nearby premises should matter,” Nigel said.

“YADCA understands the complexities of a code assessable application, but we trust there is still room today for Council to look at this proposal and agree that the middle of the oldest surveyed settlement on the Sunshine Coast is not the place for a petrol station, regardless of the cladding, wood trellises and bunting the applicant promises.”

YADCA also said that neither SARA nor the applicant have shown any regard for the safety of Yandina residents. “The applicant’s Traffic Engineering Report raises concerns about the layout of the servo and its impact on Stevens Street, Farrell Street and the broader Yandina town,” Nigel said.

“If the planners would like to stand on that corner and watch the real traffic flow, the safety issues this proposal would cause for vehicles, tankers and pedestrians would be obvious.

“However, the applicant has refused to factor in our town’s growth and increased traffic in their figures. In fact, their traffic data is two years old and gathered from points well away from the site in question.”

Nigel said the applicant has done a poor job of answering questions raised in Council’s Information Request regarding the development.  “It’s a lazy response from an applicant used to getting what they want,” he said.