Bridges Bounces Back to Council

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Site of proposed development on good quality agricultural land at Bridges, 2kms north of Yandina.

A Development Application for a controversial tourist park at Bridges, set to go before Council for a vote, is instead back with Council planners who are allowing the land owner to make further amendments.

The land owner and applicant is SEQ Development /Investments Pty Ltd of Brisbane; and the Director of the company is Mr William Hu.

At YADCA’s December 2019 meeting Cr Rogerson said he planned to take the matter to Council for a vote in the new year, after Council planners looked set to recommend refusal because the site is on Good Quality Agricultural Land in the Rural Zone.

Cr Rogerson announced the about face at YADCA’s first meeting for 2020, held on 10 February. He said the matter now rests with Council’s Principal Development Planner Mr Marc Cornell.

YADCA approached Mr Cornell for comment; and he replied in a letter: ”Council recently met with the owner and applicant to confirm the outstanding issues with this application.

“The applicant intends to prepare and submit a consolidated package of information outlining any proposed changes (including Amended plans, Flood Report, Good Quality Agricultural Land Report) which will then be reassessed by Council.

“The extent of changes proposed will determine whether the application can then be decided, or will restart the assessment process in accordance with the DA Rules/Planning Act,” the letter concluded.

YADCA President Nigel Anns said there are community concerns about whether the tourist park proposal is genuine.

“None of the existing privately operated Sunshine Coast hinterland caravan parks, including the two that Yandina already hosts, has found operation as a tourist-only facility to be financially viable. All have found it necessary to accept permanent tenants referred by government agencies,” he said.

“We are concerned that this tourist park would not be viable either, as the site has no recreational attributes and no pedestrian access or public transport into Yandina.  Therefore it could end up being just more unplanned, unsupported and, ultimately, unsafe social housing. And permanent housing caravan parks are not permitted in the Rural Zone anyway, so how would that work?

“YADCA believes social housing should be provided to our most vulnerable citizens as part of a government plan – not as ad hoc insecure housing isolated from essential services and support infrastructure.”

“We ask the question: why is the applicant being permitted multiple opportunities to keep altering the Development Application?  Why is Council so keen for this to go ahead?”