Traffic Impacts Of ‘Factory Farm’

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Yandina Bli Bli Road will be widened to accommodate extra traffic generated by a ‘factory farm’ at Maroochy River.

The Minister for Transport and Main Roads has written to YADCA, explaining that the road will be widened to accommodate turning lanes into the new (farm) access points, and safety warning signs to be installed on both approaches to advise motorists of trucks turning in the area. Any costs associated with these changes will the responsibility of the developer.

The Department said it believes “the proposed development does not significantly impact on the operational capacity of the road, including the single-lane bridge of Caboolture Creek; and it was not considered reasonable to condition widening of this bridge as a result of the proposal.”

However, the Department says it is undertaking detailed investigations to upgrade the bridge, but there is currently no funding for construction as “funding for a replacement of the bridge will compete against other high priority projects across the state-controlled road network.”

The letter, from Mark Bailey, Minister for Transport and Main Roads, was in reply to an email from YADCA, asking about road access to the proposed cucumber ‘factory farm’.

In May 2019 the Council approved an application to build 15 hectares of greenhouses on the southern floodplains of the upper estuary of the Maroochy River at 199 and 269 Yandina Bli Bli Road, Maroochy River. This land borders the Yandina Bli Bli Rd tourist drive, and is clearly seen from Mt Ninderry tourist lookouts.

Opponents of the development claim it will spoil the scenic amenity and diminish road safety through the introduction of large trucks on the narrow road and the single lane bridge at Caboolture Creek.