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Fitness group says NO TO THE SERVO

Community opposition to a proposed fuel station in the heart of Yandina is gaining momentum.

Since the campaign began in February straw polls by YADCA and other community groups report an overwhelming ‘NO’ vote from residents, and traders in the town centre.

Concerns about the planned development on the corner of Farrell and Stevens streets include:

  • Vehicle and pedestrian safety at the busy intersection which adjoins residential streets and a nearby childcare centre.
  • Safe, code-compliant tanker delivery on the busy corner site does not seem possible and would be dangerous.
  • A service station on this site does not comply with Council’s new Cultural Heritage overlay for this part of town.
  • It is counter intuitive to put a fuel station at the heart of the town’s cultural heritage precinct.
  • Contamination run-off will affect water ways; the site is subject to flooding; air quality will be affected and there will be increased noise.
  • Concerns about fire risk, especially given the proximity of the childcare centre.

The applicant wants to add a new entry driveway on Farrell Street, about 18.4 metres from the intersection of Stevens Street.

YADCA Vice President Marie Reeve said this does not comply with a key Australian Standard which requires a 30 metre clearance from a major intersection on a state-controlled road such as Farrell Street.

“A worsening of traffic conditions on Farrell Street is a very real concern with this development application, given the configuration of the Farrell and Stevens Street intersection and the additional driveway onto Farrell Street just 18.4 metres north of this major intersection,” said Marie.

“There is a limited line of sight. Where the applicant’s traffic report measures the sight distance for 50 kph at 45 metres, the desirable distance, according to the Australian Standard, is 69 metres.”

This planned development is code assessable, meaning Council can approve it if it meets planning code requirements. However, Council is still assessing the application; so it’s vital to let them know – now — what you think. If you don’t want this in the heart of your town speak up.

Email your opinion to Council via:  mail@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au

To help us keep track of submissions, please courtesy copy (cc) us at: stoptheservo@yadca.org

Alternatively you can mail your submission to:

Sunshine Coast Council

Locked Bag 72, Sunshine Coast Mail Centre
QLD 4560

Your letter or submission must include application code: MCU21/0003

Find out more about the proposed development at:  https://developmenti.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au.  Click the Application Search button, key in code: MCU21/0003