STOP THE SERVO, YADCA Submission to Council

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Service station plans for centre of town

YADCA has submitted a letter listing objections to the proposed service station in Yandina.

The letter states that YADCA is ‘overwhelmingly opposed’ to the proposed development in the heart of our heritage town.

It lists several concerns including:

  • Vehicle and pedestrian safety at the busy intersection which adjoins residential streets and a nearby childcare centre.
  • Safe, code-compliant tanker delivery on the busy corner site does not seem possible, and would be dangerous.
  • A service station on this site does not comply with Council’s new Cultural Heritage overlay for this part of town.
  • It is counter intuitive to put a fuel station at the heart of the town’s cultural heritage precinct.
  • Contamination run-off will affect water ways; the site is subject to flooding; air quality will be affected and there will be increased noise.
  • Concerns about fire risk, especially given the proximity of the childcare centre.
  • Yandina already has one service station in town and another five petrol stations are within eight kilometres of town.

It is hoped that Council will acknowledge that this development is highly inappropriate, for location and safety reasons, and reject the application.

You can write to Council with your opinion via:

cc to:  

 Quote application:  MCU21/0003