YADCA is asking locals why they want to STOP THE SERVO

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Percy and Marion, Yandina residents

When Percy and Marion moved from Caloundra to Yandina six years ago, they chose the town because of its peaceful character and charm.

“It’s the heritage of our town that is precious.  That’s what we love the most about Yandina,” said Marion.

“So do many other people,” Percy agreed.  “Whenever our son-in-law visits from Brisbane he always detours so he can drive down Stevens Street and into Farrell Street just to take in the atmosphere and admire the heritage buildings like the School of Arts, the Palm Studio, the Feed Barn and the Collective Haus, plus the attractive streetscape and the shops with verandahs.”

Like so many residents, the couple are adamant that a fuel station will damage the visual amenity of the heritage town.

“But there are other practical reasons,” Marion said.  “There will be light pollution with the place lit up from 5am through until midnight, every day. And there will be fuel smells and the risk of spillage.  This end of the street does flood a bit when it rains heavily.”

Percy worries about traffic congestion. “Already, we don’t turn left or right from Stevens street into Farrell street because the camber of the road and the existing traffic make it hard to see everything that’s approaching.

“How much worse would it be with tankers and cars queued to enter the petrol station, and cars and other vehicles exiting?

“The road cannot be made wider at that intersection.  How do planners think they are going to be able to accommodate all the extra traffic at that point?” he said.