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Community opposition to the proposed fuel station in the centre of town is running high, with just under 200 submissions vehemently opposed to the plan.

The objections to the development on the corner of Farrell and Stevens streets centre on:

  • Traffic congestion and safety
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Negative impact on our heritage town

Here are some comments from some submissions

“It’s such a last century idea to put petrol stations in the middle of residential and child care community spaces.”
“It’s essential for the spirit of the Sunshine Coast that places like the beautiful little country town of Yandina are preserved for present and future generations.”
“The proposed site is right in the centre of the unique village, next to the Heritage listed School of Arts building and on a blind corner. Please listen to the many voices of protest … from the many constituents who voted for you; and (who) may never ask for your help — except in a crisis like this.”
“Service stations make bad neighbours. They store thousands of litres of fuel and gas, are known to cause litter in the surrounding streets and attract round the clock traffic.”
“The (Council’s) … Planning Scheme … states ‘the Yandina Town Centre is focussed on the traditional main street of Stevens Street, servicing the town and its surrounding rural and rural residential communities and providing a range of commercial, retail, industrial, community, sport and recreational activities. … Yandina’s character is derived from its picturesque landscape setting, rural heritage, traditional main street, grid pattern road layout, historical building designs and laid back ‘country town’ atmosphere. The existing character area and historic buildings, especially fronting Stevens Street and Farrell Street, significantly contribute to the character and identity of the town.”
“How does placing a service station opposite the School of Arts Hall which is over 100 years old fit within this context? This proposed business is totally at odds with retaining the town’s rural character. How will it contribute to the character of the town?”
There can be no justification for the transportation of dangerous goods through residential areas on local roads. Fuel tankers coming into the centre of town where there is a concentration of traffic and pedestrian activity is a safety risk in itself.
Will the applicant’s traffic report be required to assess the feasibility of a fuel tanker turning left into Stevens Street from Farrell Street south?
Fuel tankers and trucks coming from the south along Farrell Street will have difficulty staying in their lane as they turn left into Stevens Street. A 19 metre-long articulated vehicle needs a curb to curb turning radius of 12.5 metres. A medium rigid vehicle of 8.8 metres long requires a curb to curb turning radius of 10 metres. Stevens Street is only two lanes, or six to seven metres, wide at the Farrell Street intersection.
Streetscaping work at the Farrell /Stevens Street intersection was designed to make this part of town more attractive and pedestrian friendly. Any modification to the intersection to accommodate the traffic needs of the proposed service station, shop and cafe would impact the streetscaping and make the centre of town less appealing and pedestrian friendly.”

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