YADCA is asking locals why they want to STOP THE SERVO

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Rebecca and her children outside their home.

Rebecca and David moved from Roma to Yandina in 2016. They live in Stevens Street with their three children, Tilly, Colby and Archie, plus their dog, Jilly.

They chose Yandina because of its village feel.

“We take the kids with us and we walk so many places like the post office, the shops and the playground,” Rebecca says.

“Yandina feels accessible and safe.  There are good people here, and we have good neighbours.

“We came here because we felt we could raise our kids in this peaceful community.

“It won’t feel peaceful with so much more traffic on the corner and tankers pulling in.

“And there are safety and environmental objections too.  It will be open from 5am until midnight, seven days a week.  There will be noise and smells.

“There are good people here in Yandina; and we have good neighbours.  Stevens Street has a real community feel.  Older people walk past, often with their dogs, and kids play in the street.  We all know each other and look out for each other.

“A big service station right here on our corner will kill that.”