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How will vehicles safely enter and exit at this point? The two trees pictured are slated to be removed to accommodate the driveway.

YADCA is asking Council whether the proposed service station in Yandina complies with important Australian Standards.

The applicant wishes to introduce a new entry driveway on Farrell Street, about 18.4 metres from the intersection with Stevens Street.

This does not comply with Australian Standard 2890.1 which requires a 30 metre clearance from a major intersection on a state-controlled road such as Farrell Street, according to YADCA Vice President Marie Reeve.

The proposed new access is also less than three metres from the neighbouring Feed Barn driveway which is used by large delivery trucks; and that is also non-compliant.

“Are there state or local government regulatory requirements which over-ride the Australian Standard or is the Australian Standard just being ignored?” asked Marie.

Meanwhile the type of vehicles that are likely to use the service station, and the impacts these will have on queuing, will be considered by the State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA) in its assessment.  SARA assesses against State Code 1, with focus on Performance Outcome 20 which stipulates:

Development does not result in a worsening of operating conditions on a state-controlled road network.

“A worsening of traffic conditions on Farrell Street is a very real concern with this development application, given the configuration of the Farrell and Stevens Street intersection and the additional driveway onto Farrell Street just 18.4 metres north of this major intersection,” said Marie.

“There is a limited line of sight. Where the applicant’s traffic report measures the sight distance for 50 kph at 45 metres, the desirable distance, according to the Australian Standard, is 69 metres.

“Hopefully the Traffic Impact Assessment, which the applicant is required to commission, will be thorough and accurate.”