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Yandina School of Arts circa 1920

Protecting our local heritage has emerged as one of the key issues in the Yandina community.

In the lead up to the recent Council elections, Division 10 candidates expressed support for the preservation of key historic buildings in our area.

There was general agreement that funds generated by the Sunshine Coast Council’s Heritage Levy should go directly to repair and preserve iconic landmarks.

To commemorate Yandina’s 150th anniversary this year, YADCA will profile some of our area’s most significant heritage assets. The series begins with the Yandina School of Arts.

Yandina School of Arts

When the grand old timber building was officially opened in 1916 it contained the main hall, stage and dressing rooms and two front rooms; plus two shops and a Billiard Saloon on the lower level.

The historic hall on the corner of Farrell Street and Stevens Street has served our community for over a century; and has been the venue for some of the town’s most memorable events.

Although it is currently closed due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the Yandina School of Arts is a vital community hub which normally hosts a diverse range of weekly activities including: martial arts, fitness, yoga, dance, line dancing and creative writing.  It is also a venue for meetings by not-for-profit organisations, plus general community forums and events. The community owned and operated hall was booked for a wedding reception later this year which has now been postponed.

Despite its popularity the town landmark and historic asset is in dire need of improvements to remain viable and safe.

Yandina School of Arts President, Daniel Weepers, said the southern side of the building is dropping and needs urgent repair.

“We desperately need structural repairs on the southside where the bearers and upright timbers need to be replaced.  The roof is sagging and the windows don’t shut properly because the wall and floor have dropped,” he added.

The project should also include replacing the rotted external trimming and cladding timbers around the building and then repainting to make it more weatherproof.

“There are other projects we’d love to do such as revamping the toilets and upgrading the kitchen, but the structural repairs and weather proofing are the most urgent,” he said.