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Janelle and Dave Tidey.


Baptist pastor Dave Tidey and wife Janelle are leaving Yandina for a new role within the Church. In 2022 Dave will be taking up a position at the Queensland Conference…

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Sunshine Coast Physical Culture Club

New Life for North Arm

North Arm Hall, once an old dusty shell, is now brimming with energy and fun thanks to the Sunshine Coast Physical Culture Club. After opening in 1914 as the North…

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‘Sheddies’, from left: John Wattis, Ken Warn, Mike Butcher, Ian Munro.


The motto of the men’s shed movement is: Shoulder to Shoulder.  It comes from the observation that men are more inclined to talk as they work together, side by side.…

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Yandina State School pupil - Sasha

Sasha Dasher

If you want to ask Sasha about her hobbies and interests you’d better be prepared to settle in for a long conversation. This 10 year old’s diary is very full…

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Dawn has been an active member of our local community for just over 40 years. Her connection with Yandina started in 1979 when she loaded up her car and drove…

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Wayne’s World

If you’re a regular at Yandina’s Saturday market you’ve probably seen a man pushing around a cart, smiling and chatting to everyone as he goes. His name is Wayne and…

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