End of the road for Creightons Rd closure?

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Residents object to Creightons Rd closure

A proposed road closure in south west Yandina is meeting fierce opposition from residents.

YADCA distributed a Flyer explaining that the proposed road closure would dramatically affect over 100 residents in Wappa Falls Road, Creightons Road, Mt Coombe Road, Glen Rowan Close, Bracken Fern Road and Retreat Crescent.

The road closure would mean hundreds of cars and heavy vehicles would be funnelled through a housing estate to be built on land bordered by Creightons, Wappa Falls and Bracken Fern roads.

The developer wants to close Creightons Rd at the junction with Wappa Falls Rd, forcing all Mt Coombe, Glenrowan Close and Creightons Rd traffic through the estate on a narrow road, past houses.

This through road, only eight metres wide, would include four roundabouts.  Vehicles would exit at a roundabout at the intersection of Wappa Falls Rd and Retreat Crescent.

Already over 30 letters have been written to Marc Cornell, head planner for Council,  with copies to Councillor David Law and to YADCA.

In their letters to Council, residents have pointed out that:

  • The planned road closure would impede the fire evacuation route for over 80 homes.
  • Many existing residents have large acreage blocks and they need to move heavy machinery and horse floats often.
  • Some land holders have semi trailers and trucks which use Creightons Road frequently.
  • Small hobby farms in Creightons Road have livestock which need transporting.
  • All residents have to access septic cleaning services regularly and many must use water carrier trucks.
  • Many homes have dams which need cleaning which requires the transportation of heavy machinery. Earth moving equipment is also often required.
  • Heavy vehicles using a narrow residential street with four roundabouts through an estate would be inefficient and unsafe for residents and children, especially given the proposed park area is so close to the through road.
  • Several school buses use Creighton’s Road daily adding to the tally of heavy vehicles that would be forced to negotiate four roundabouts through a housing estate increasing air and noise pollution for the community.